Elegant contemporary furniture, handmade in Falmouth, UK

I launched Henry Swanzy Ltd in 2013 after nearly 20 years of designing and making bespoke furniture. The craft skills of the cabinet-maker are paramount to the furniture we now design and produce -which retains the same quality, integrity and attention to detail.

In a world of globally out-sourced, production-line manufacture, we do something a little different. We design and produce everything ourselves in our Falmouth workshop -using the best and most sustainable materials we can source.

From initial sketches, maquettes and full-scale prototyping, through to finished products, complete with our makers mark, we do it all.

My designs aspire to find elegance and beauty in both function and in material combinations. I love simple solutions that work in harmony with the materials. Every design goes through rigorous prototyping, with small modifications made with every developed version. Details are scrutinized and comfort and practicality assessed and tweaked until we reach what we feel is the perfect solution.

We work predominantly with wood, a material for which I have a deep respect, and much experience. Not only is it beautiful, but it has astonishing strength and versatility –qualities which my design looks to explore and maximize. As a material it brings its many challenges, but understood and worked with sympathetically, it enriches our environment. It is a material with which we have a deep affinity. It has been integral to our existence for tens of thousands of years.

Our work is not loud or indulgent. It is subtle, beautifully made and has an integrity which means it will last for a very long time.